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You might not know the best features of Facebook Messenger

Facebook users have been recently asked to install Facebook messenger. Though some people complain about the messenger’s functions are not that user-friendly, it does have some good features which you might not know how to use.

Check this out here, you will be amazed by its peculiar functions.

Take photos or videos in a moment by clicking the camera icon.


You can use either have a self-portrait or rear camera to snap pictures. For video-recording, and hold the send button to take videos without leaving the app.

Image search shares pictures from the web.


You can click Image Search from the drop down menu to search images, then the lists of the image results will pop out. Tap one image to send to your friends.

Use location to show where you are.


Most of the people do not like to share their locations due to the priority. When someone cannot reach you, sharing location might help. Simply enable location for a certain message and it will be tagged with where you are. He or she can click on “View Map” on the menu to check where you are.

Send voice note.


Lazy to type it out? You may share voice recording with your friends. Press the microphone icon and hold the red button to record your voice. You and your message recipient can listen to the voice clips too!

Use pinned group chats to find your messages.


Group chats are good to communicate with a group of people at once. There is a special tab for group chats. You can also pin your favourite chats to the top so you never lose them.

You probably know how to use Facebook but possibly do not know how to use Facebook Messenger wisely. Share this piece of information with your friends and enjoy chatting!

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