You Can’t Forget These Super Women When You Use A Computer

The super women below contributed their lifetimes in computer and technology. We should say thank every time we use computers. Why? Read the following article and you will know what’s going on!

Ada Lovelace was the first one writing the computer program.


She was the daughter of the poet Lord Bryon. She worked on the an early computer system called “Analytical Engine” in 1800s. She invented the engine with an algorithm, which was the first computer program.

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Hedy Lamarr made impacts in creating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


She was a well-known actress in classic movies. She was famous with a composer George Antheil in designing a technique to transmit radio signals which was then brought the ideas on the invention of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Grace Hopper transformed the functions of the computers

women-who-changed-tech-grace-hopper-sl She was a rear admiral in United States Navy and was the one who created modern programming languages. She thought that programming language should have used English instead of the machine code and overturned the technology in mid-1900s.   See more: Grace Hopper

Susan Kare made computers user-friendly

women-who-changed-tech-susan-kare-sl Susan Kare is a graphic designer and she created a lot of jolly Macintosh icons, fonts, command key icon, and the paint bucket icon which are still widely used in computer programs. See more: Susan Kare

Mother of the internet: Radia Perlman 

women-who-changed-tech-radia-perlman-sl She developed network protocols in the 1980s and built the foundations of the connectivity until now.

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Janie Tsao invented Linksys

women-who-changed-tech-janie-tsao-sl Invented together with her husband, Victor. Linksys is the provider of many best-selling routers. See more: Janie Tsao

Sheryl Sandberg Leans In

women-who-changed-tech-sheryl-sandberg-sl Sheryl Sandberg helped launching when working at Google. She is devoted to both technology and philanthropy. Also, she is one of the boards on Facebook. Her published book: “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” inspire women to follow her footsteps.   Let’s toast these super women! We wouldn’t be able to enjoy so much in using computers without them! Don’t you think so? Have opinions? Like us and send us your comments! Enjoy the story? Share with your friends! So… WhatSay you?

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