Witch Doctor cursed Ronaldo?

The forward and the leader of Portugal national team, Cristiano Ronaldo was told by a doctor that his knee injury might be his career-threatening if he continued to join World Cup.

A witch doctor from Ghana, Nana Kwaku Bonsam admitted that he cursed on Ronaldo to make him lose the opportunity to play in the World Cup.

Ronaldo’s knee injury is worse beyond imagination when he decided to play in Portugal’s kick-off match against Germany.

He was found to have an ice pack on his left knee on Wednesday training session.

Ronaldo claimed that he was in a very good condition to cater the second match with USA while he didn’t join regular training sessions and two warm-up matches when first arrived in Brazil.

Bonsam stated that he had been making the spell on Ronaldo for four months. He is thinking the ways to get him out of the World Cup and prevent him against Ghana. He also added, “The injury will never be cured by any medications, they can never see what causes him injured because it’s spiritual.”

Source: sportsworldnews.com

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