Unique Nyonya Dishes in Johor

Thinking about where to settle your dinner? Loving Nyona dishes very much? Then you must know a must-try nyonya restaurant! You need not go to Penang, Melaka or Singapore to having such heaven-like food, but it can be found in Johor.

Ready, Johorians?

Before you step in the restaurant, you will be definitely amazed by the Nyonya-style decoration. It’s MaMa Nyonya.   
MaMa Nyonya has a very unique way of ordering. The lady boss accepts telephone orders and prepares the food that you wish to have. It could be your favourites, something you remembered as a child or any Nyonya dish that you prefer to enjoy! Just call her mobile at +6016-716-7190. For people unfamiliar with Nyonya dishes, no worries! She will recommend the best Nyonya dishes for you!  
The lady boss is called Grace. She is passionate about cooking learnt the art of Nyonya cuisine from her Nyonya mother in law and MaMa Nyonya is named after her.
Ok! Start mouth-watering now!
This is caleed Ayam Kapitan, one of the popular dishes here. Mildly spicy curry, sweet chicken wtij various kinds of herbs and spices. Nice smell~~~
This is Roti Jala with chicken curry. It is crispy enough and its eggy taste is just finger lickin’ good! 
IMG_7352jk IMG_7326jk
The Roti Jala is eaten with a matching chicken curry. In MaMa Nyonya, Grace took extra care to make different curries to go with different dishes, exactly the same way it is done at home. 
Ayam Buah Keluak is a Must Try iconic Nyonya dish. 
IMG_7393jk IMG_7396jk
It’s amazing how much stuffing can be packed into those 3 black nuts. The taste of stuffing made with chicken, shrimp and rempah is very hard to describe. It was piquant, bitter sweet, and savoury. 
IMG_7437jk IMG_7448jk
Nyonya spicy steam fish made with sea bass came shaped like a sail boat. The delicately spicy, tangy gravy was refreshing and the tender fish was fresh. This lovely dish can also be made with Red Snapper, on request.
This is the invention of Grace. Made with thin slices of lotus roots, petai (stinky beans) and lightly stir fried with bits of dried shrimp and condiments. Crunchy~
 IMG_7267jk (1)  IMG_7467jk
Pulut Tatar, made with coconut milk and Bunga Terang which gave it the blue colour. Tasting good and sweet~
IMG_7331jk IMG_7482jk
Kuih Ketayap is made with fresh coconut shreds and Gula Melaka.
Kuih pumpkin can treat your stomach full.
Fresh yam cake. 
The “must-eat” nyonya dessert >>> Nyonya cendol. Ingredients including fresh coconut milk, red beans, pandan “worms” and pure sugar Melaka.
Restaurant name: MaMa Nyonya
Address: 8, Jalan Molek 1/28, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Working Hours: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
(Closed on Sunday. Dinners could be pre-arranged on Sunday by calling Grace on +6016-716-7190)
Non Halal service here.
Absolutely no pork, no lard served. 

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