Underage smoking boys overwhelm in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are over 60% men smoking frequently. Smoking has turned into a culture in Indonesia and some children even have had their first tobacco at age 4.

Smoking is a complicated case since it is entangled with the culture, politics and economy of Indonesia. Tobacco industry is the core in Indonesia’s economy. It brings a great deal of profits every year. Lots of Indonesians make their incomes via tobacco farming. Most of them have got in touch with cigarettes during early ages. It is ambiguous in the smoking regulations in Indonesia. Children smoking in public is not unusual.  In Marlboro’s Boys, Siu examines the loss of innocence that these young smokers exhibit. “They inhale and exhale like old men that have been smoking for years – some of them have been smoking two packs a day since they were little kids.” The children inhale and exhale like old men who have been smoking for years. They are very “experienced” in smoking and smoke two packs per day since they were young.

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