Two British students stabbed to death in Kuching

Two British medical students were slain after quarrelling with four local men at Abell Road in the early morning on Wednesday.

The victims were both male, aged 22 and 23. They were found with stab wounds in the chest and back around 4:15am.

The preliminary investigation shows a quarrel between the students and the local men at a pub.

Sarawak Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP Datuk Dr Chai Khin Chung said both groups had been drinking at different pubs earlier before quarrelling.

He added that when the students left the pub, the suspects pursued them in a car and one of them got out and attacked the victims.

Police had received a call from a restaurant worker witnessing the happening before arrival.

Police then arrested three of the suspects and got the car, a knife and others exhibit for investigation.

They are still looking for the fourth suspect. The main suspect, aged 23, is now under arrest.

The victims arrived in Kuching in June to have practical training at a local hospital but they were late to return to Britain late in this month.

The three arrested suspects are 19, 23 and 29 respectively and they have been remanded for one week.

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