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Qatar may be stripped to host 2022 World Cup

Allegations of corruption surrounding 2022 World Cup in Qatar unfolded on Sunday.

It is said that Qatar bribed FIFA officials for vote security.

According to a report on Sunday, Qatar used $5.4 million as bribery of safely supporting of key members of 24 ruling committee.

Qatar committee denies the allegations of wrongdoings.The allegations are now investigated by by lawyers.

If Qatar was stripped to host the World Cup in 2022, Australia or Japan might strive for the bid to host the World Cup.

“I would re-submit the renders for 2022″, said by Yuichiro Nakajima, the executive director of Japan’s defeated bid.


Do you think Qatar deserves the right to be stripped of hosting World Cup in 2022? Or you wish Australia or Japan to get the host right for 2022 World Cup? Have your say here!!!

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