Portugal is anxious about Ronaldo’s injury

Cristiano Ronaldo, the leader and the forward of Portugal national team broke off the training session on Thursday. He left the field by attaching an icepack on his left knee. His tendinitis might be a threat to Portugal.

He trained with his team members for 20 minutes exercising while he did not join the full ball drills session.

He then had a stretch and signed for few fans and later sat on the bench.

His tendinitis problems are interrupting him ahead of the World Cup. His team member and the midfielder Joao Moutinho told that the ice pack on his left knee is a safety measure to prevent his repeated injury.

He also stated that It is was not a worry since he was 100% ready for everything in the World Cup or he wouldn’t
have joined others member the training session.



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  • Kiwii commented on June 14, 2014

    Whatsay it is a good drama to trick your opponents?

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