Portugal failed the kick-off match

Portugal failed the kick-off match in FIFA World Cup on June 14.

First match to Portugal and Germany, Pepe received a straight red card by referee and Portugal lost 2 important players. Ronaldo said nothing after the match.

FIFA World Player of the Year: Ronaldo didn’t reply any questions as he had nothing to perform on the field. Reporters asked if he could say something, he told that today was not my turn to speak. He then silently walked away.

65th minute Coentrao was announced as injured and he had to ask for replacement. “I don’t know whether I am able to join the World Cup after this year and I can assist this team. I am sad. Besides my injury and today’s failure, now is our hard time, what can I say?”, Coentrao stated.

The centre forward, Almeida also existed with injury. He was injured slightly earleir than Coentrao. Almeida felt his muscle strain. He said, “I do not know if I can play in the latter matches and support this team. Let’s see tomorrow. This was a terrible match, especially the penalty kick.Our conditions were good before that. But it hasn’t been that easy to fight with Germany. This is a complicated failure but we are a strong team and we will continually move forward.”

The substitution, Costa said that they could not lose confidence as they failed in the kick-off match. “We have to regain confidence since we have two matches later. The first penalty was hard to say either wrong or not. The weather was too hot and the referee might have judged wrong. However, the most important thing is to win over other teams.

Source: sinchew.com

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