Pharmacist electrocuted to death while using water heater

A pharmacist was electrocuted while using the water heater at her home.

D. Anitha, aged 27, died while taking a bath before going to work at the Segamat Hospital on Tuesday.

Her father, who asked to be identified only as Dason, said he did not suspect anything wrong but doubted why his daughter was in the bathroom so long.

“After about an hour, I knocked on the door but there was no answer.”

He then forced open the door and saw Anitha on the floor.

She was found to hold the shower head. Dason turned off the main power switch before sending her to the hospital.

However his daughter was already dead.

Anitha was the youngest child in the family.

“We planned to get her married in May next year,” Dason said.

He added that there was nothing wrong with the water heater prior to the incident.

The editor has something to say:

No one is willing to see such incident happened. 

Please regularly check whether your water heater is working well. If you smell something smelly, you’d better check and contact your retailer to repair it.

Be careful and use water heater wisely, especially during raining with lightning.

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  • Editor. commented on August 18, 2014

    May her rest in peace.

  • Kiwii commented on August 17, 2014

    What a loss of a young talent …

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