Perseid Meteor Showers and Super Moon Views In Malaysia

Good news to Malaysians! You are really lucky to witness the Perseid meteor showers and Super Moon views next Monday to Wednesday (11-12 August)!

National Space Agency announced that the biggest and clearest full moon, along with the Perseid meteor showers will appear in the sky on the second week of August.


Perseid meteor showers emerge when the Comet Swift-Tuttle travels across the solar system every 133 years. A dust trail is usually followed behind.


What time is the best witnessing time for skygazers? You are suggested to gaze the rare phenomenon after midnight until dawn in the northeast direction.


The meteor showers produce lots of fire balls that have same brightness like the planets: Jupiter or Venus.


Once the sky is dark and clear from the moonlight, you are able to see more than 100 meteors per hour.

Super Moon view occurs when the moon is at the nearest position to the earth. It’s 14 percent nearer and 30 percent clearer, by comparison with usual nights.



The full moon will occur at 2.09am next Monday.

So skygazers, are you ready for witnessing this unusual occurrence with a late sleep night?

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