Netizens show respect to MH17 victims by virtual memorial

To honour and respect the victims on board MAS flight MH17, you can send free memorial flowers and leave messages through a virtual memorial website.

This website was set up by netizens, consisting of all the passengers and crew members. Pictures of some of them are attached on the webpage.

Their basic personal information like hobbies, age and reasons for travelling to Kuala Lumpur are also mentioned in the page.

You can click this link www.fanxt.com/fantasyf1/memorial/list.php?type=featured to grieve over the souls of the victims.

Last Friday, a silent mourning ceremony was held at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and a special MAS plane sent the 20 remains of Malaysian victims home.

There were 43 Malaysians dead from the incident.

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