MAS Flight Crew In Bad Mood

The two tragedies shocked Malaysia Airlines in past few months. Now the MAS flight crew are all in bad mood.

After losing 12 crew members on board of the missing MH370, the airlines was stunned and hard to accept the loss of another 15 colleagues in the crashed plane MH17 incident.

The president of the National Union of Flight Attendants Mr Ismail Nasaruddin said that they were sad. They were like their family but they hoped for the best.

He also added that some flight crew are feeling scared of flying and might need psychological aid.

“We lost 27 crew members in a very short time. Yes, we are affected. The crew members are demoralised by this tragic incident. We’ve received reports that some are unable to fly because they have been affected mentally”, said Nassaruddin.

Besides their mental and physical conditions, Malaysia Airlines is currently facing the flight cancellations. Passengers are permitted to change their flights for all destinations without any charges this week. Also they can definitely get the refunds.

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