Malaysian Spiderman climbs at 1 Sentral

A “Spiderman” who is a local photographer climbed at 1 Sentral in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday afternoon. According to the interview, he wanted to greet Muslims Happy Ramadan.

This Spiderman was then arrested after reaching the top of the tower.

He treats mountain climbing as his hobby but he thinks scaling skyscraper is safer.

He’s got used to climbing. Buildings are easier to him because the structure is fixed and he can control wherever he goes on it.

He was fully confident that he would not fall down during climbing.

He decided to climb the tower as he had heard some foreigner were going to climb it. But he insisted to be the first and climb it as a Malaysian.

He was in casual-dressing and did not have any safety tools along. He only brought a camera, a Malaysian flag and papers with Ramadan greetings.

He planned to take some pictures of messages and wave the flag to place Ramadan greetings for everyone when he reached the top, while he had no time.

When he was climbing in the halfway, a policeman peered his head out of a window and asked the him to come inside, while the “Spiderman” replied that he would be arrested easily after he had reached the top of tower and carried on the climbing.

There were more and more people gathered in the crowd. They cheered and clapped for his courageous act.

Then the police took him to police station. He chatted and exchanged contacts with the police officers.

“These happenings were all in his expectations,” he said.


Do you think he is brave enough to take risks on climbing the tower?

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