Malaysia Badminton Team Win Third Games Gold

Malaysia badminton team celebrated with Tee Jing Yi when she 3-1 won over England Sarah Walker and defend the mixed team title.

They jumped and danced to share the joy together.  

Tee stated that she was so glad when she got the winning point. But she knew that it’s uneasy to make it actually. 

She was anxious in the second game. Luckily, she kept talking to herself that she must have focused on the game.  

The victory belongs to their team. And they will do their best in the individual games as well.

All Malaysia badminton team wore black armbands to show their respect and deep condolence to the victims of flight MH17. 

Mixed doubles pair Chan Peng Soon and Lai Pei Jing contributed an astonishing game before fighting with the world No. 5 Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock. 

Chan said that he made many mistakes. If he could have been more careful, they would have been able to enter the decider. 

The debutant Chong Wei Feng defeated Rajiv Ouseph on 71st minute. 

Chong praised Ouseph that he was tall and brave enough. He didn’t catch up because the stress came from Ouseph’. He was mentally stronger to change the situation in the decider.  

It’s important to him in winning and boosting the team’s confidence. He’s happy that he did it. 

Also, Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Koing amazingly beat Chris Adcock and Andrew Ellis in the men’s doubles. 

Wee Kiong added that the English pair are strong. It’s a good fight. We did our best from their attacks and felt very happy to lead one point for their team. 

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