Jackie Chan arrives in China after son’s custody

Jaycee Chan, son of famous actor Jackie Chan, who was arrested for marijuana by police.

The testing results showed positive.

Police officials of Beijing posted a statement on a social media website called Weibo on Monday night, announcing that Jaycee was under custody for further investigations on drug charges.

More than 100 grams of marijuana was found at the accused’s home, the statement mentioned.

Jaycee might be sentenced to three years in jail if he was found to offend in to providing a shelter for people using drugs.

Jackie Chan flew to China to handle his son’s detention.

Taiwanese rookie star Ko Chen Tung was also detained for drugs, along with Jaycee on the same day. The testing results showed positive, too.

According to Xinhua news agency, Chinese police has arrested at least nine local celebrities for drugs this year.

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