Jackie Chan apologised to public for son’s drug charges

Hong Kong action superstar Jackie Chan made apology to the public for his son’s detention on drug charges.

He post a message on a social network called Weibo two days after his son’s arrest.

In his post at 7pm, he said he was “angry” and “shocked” by the incident. “As a public figure, I am ashamed. As a father, I am sad, and his mother, especially, is heartbroken,” he wrote.

He also said he hoped young people would learn a lesson from his son’s arrest and stay away from drugs.

“Here, I will also tell Jaycee: ‘When you do something wrong, you have to bear the consequences. As your father, I am willing to face the future with you,” he wrote.

He added that he had to “take responsibility” for failing to teach his son well. He offered “a deep bow of apology” to the public, on behalf of his son.

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