How much is the exercise too much

Do you know? Running more than 6.4 kilometres per day could be dangerous to your health, a study showed on Tuesday to tell how much exercise is too much.

Researchers found that 2,400 people who survived from heart attack could do more exercise to lower the death risks from heart disease. 

Those running more than 30 miles a week can be beneficial. But more than 46 miles per week, the benefits lost undoubtedly. 

Furthermore, there was a statistically significant cardiovascular risk associated with the highest levels of exercise, said the study led by Paul Williams of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Paul Thompson of the Department of Cardiology at Hartford Hospital.

“Results suggest that the benefits of running or walking do not come unlimitedly and that above some level, perhaps 30 miles per week of running, there is a major increase in risk,” the study said. “Competitive running events also appear to increase the risk of an acute event.”

The researchers warned that since their study focused on heart attack survivors, their results might not be generalisable to the population at large.


To main a healthy heart and body, you are recommended to exercise two and half hours per week or 75 minutes energetic exercise a week. 

Patients who are having heart disease, almost all should do exercise 30-40 minutes most days. 

However, from the standpoint of health. Exercise can be be done more than that but not more than 60 minutes most days.  

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