First bodies arrive in Netherlands

First bodies from MAS Flight MH17 was sent to Netherlands on Wednesday.

Bells rang and flags flew at half to mourn the 298 victims on board crashed plane Flight MH17. The mourning ceremony was held in the first national day of mourning since Queen Wilhelmina died in 1962.

Two military aircraft carried 40 wooden coffins and landed at Eindhoven Airport.

After one minute’s silence, the soldiers and marines boarded the Dutch Hercules C-130 and Australian Boeing C-17 to carry the coffins to 40 hearses.

Relatives of the victims were at the airport but were protected to avoid the media.

193 Dutch were killed aboard the plane. The whole nation is now in grief and sorrow.

A woman from Amsterdam Jikkie van der Giessen said that thinking of the people flying away for having holiday but all the young people who had just finished their their school exams. They had bright future but you shot down the plane. No matter it was an accident or not, the truth is it’s terrible.

Most of the passengers to reach Kuala Lumpur were tourists, while there were at least six AIDS specialists on the way to Melbourne, Australia, for joining in a conference.

Trains also stopped for a minute and no plane took off or landed at Schiphol Airport.

A silent memorial manifestation was conducted outside the royal palace in Amsterdam’s Dam square yesterday evening.

In this incident, Dutch officials are leading the inspection but are also given aids by others country.

The Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott stated that it’s uncertain how many human remains had been transported to Kharkiv and how many might have been left at the crash site.

Our deep condolence with the victims and their families and friends.

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