Huge fans go too far with idols

There are fans going too far with their idols and undergoing plastic surgeries to become their idols’ looks!!!

33-year-old Tony Sheldon spent over $100k to undergo the plastic surgery and became Justin Bieber! He told reporters that he couldn’t be happier to look like his idol!


Mikki Jay, a mother of three, spent 8000 pounds to look like Michael Jackson. She plays as an impersonator of Michael Jackson.

Do you think she looks like Michael Jackson?

A Korean girl, Hong Yun Ruhm. What do you think of her look?

PERFECT! She is Miranda Kerr’s big fan!

Kitty, a 30-year-old woman, spent $25,000 to look as natural as Jennifer Lawrence. Her husband supports her because he said: “It’s totally her choice!”

She looks different, doesn’t she?

The twin brothers, Matt & Mile Schlep became the Hollywood star Brad Pitt after surgery. They did this because they wanted to get more attractions by women.

Do you think they are successful?

Another famous actor’s look comes, Nicholas Ryan spent $5000 on filler injections and Botox to make him become Ryan Gosling. 

What do you say?

 A China’s girl, Xiaoqing gets plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba and to win back her boyfriend. Jessica then told her that she shouldn’t never have change herself like that, if somebody loves you, they’ll love you no matter what.”  

Do you agree what Jessica said?

Is PLASTIC HORRIBLE? Click the URL below to watch the video made by the “PLASTIC FANS”:



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