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Experts say blocking Facebook is dangerous for Malaysia

Media experts stated that blocking Facebook was bad and dangerous for Malaysia.

General Manager from global science communications agency Zeno Malaysia David Lian said that Facebook has been playing a crucial role in business and work.
It’s a communication platform and gives Malaysians in global communication. Technology is to remain, especially social media. Banning might not be correct.

“The challenge is knowing what kind of a  new technology can allow us to do as far as reaching each other and ensuring legislation allows enforcement and action against illegal behaviour through the appropriate systems.”

Technopreneur Hardesh Singh said blocking Facebook would affect productivity.

“We will regularly rely on social networks daily if we keep on-line more actively,” he added.

“For example, schedule the daily posts, conduct e-commerce and interact with employers and customers which are the “musts” on social networks,” said the PopDigital founder.

Executive editor of Digital News Asia A. Asohan believed that banning Facebook would lower Malaysia’s competitive edge.

“Many businesses in both local and foreign countries are currently using Facebook for either communications between corporate or running marketing campaigns.”

“It is essential to their business and their operations.

“Facebook is not the only platform for business, it’s actually the social media.”

Several countries also banned Facebook such as Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iran, Mauritius, Morocco, North Korea, Russia, Syria and Tajikistan.

Thailand is the latest country to block Facebook in May to stop the protests.

Facebook has got 15 million users in Malaysia.

Ong Kay Jen, a copywriter, said that a greal deal of information would be lost if without Facebook.

“I’d be lost on current events. Most of the news I hear is just the interesting bits that Facebook picks up,” Ong added.

A content writer of a radio station Azlyn Balqis indicated that banning Facebook would make impacts on the interaction with their online audience.

“But I reckon it wouldn’t change much as there are other growing social media platforms we could still use,” she stated.

Do you agree to ban Facebook?

Any influences occurs if there’s no Facebook one day in the future?

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