Cheap And Biodegradable Sugar Battery Can Run At Least Three Years

An associate professor of biological systems engineering Y. H. Percival Zhang, leading the research team at Virginia Tech’s Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Engineering, developed a battery run by natural sugar. It can replace the typical batteries we normally use in daily life. Its life span is around three years!

This sugar battery is cheap, can be refilled and biodegradable. It can be applied in cell phones, tablets, video games and others electronic appliance.
Zhang said sugar is a perfect energy storage element in nature. It’s common that they use this natural resource to utilize power in a user-friendly way.

While this not the first time sugar batteries have been developed, Zhang claims his prototype has an energy density of a higher order of magnitude than others, which allows it to run longer before needing to be refueled.

The sugar batteries comprise of fuel, in this case maltodextrin, a polysaccharide made from partial hydrolysis of starch. Such element and air can generate electricity, and water is its main byproduct.

“We are releasing all electron charges stored in the sugar solution slowly step-by-step by using an enzyme cascade,” Zhang added.

The fuel sugar solution is inflammable and it has a higher energy storage density. The enzymes and fuels in the sugar batteries are also biodegradable and and can be refilled.
Another new and creative invention in future!
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  • Editor. commented on August 18, 2014

    And it could be useful for all electronic appliances and smart phones as well :)

  • Kiwii commented on August 17, 2014

    It would be good to run on iPhone !

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