Best Smartphones of 2014

Over the world, people take pictures and chat online every hour and moment.

Most of the people change their next smartphones for at least two years. Smartphones are parts of our lives.

The main functions of the smartphones must include: camera, online messengers (e. g.  WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Skype, Facebook, Twitter…), online games, internet and attracting Apps. Without these functions, it can’t be called the BEST SMARTPHONES.

What’s your best smartphone pick? Do you have any requirements on your smartphones?

On the current market of 2014, we have BEST SMARTPHONES chosen by fans all over the world. The editor doesn’t know much about smartphones, he needs you to give him a helping hand in choosing the latest and the best smartphone ever for him, at least in this year. The best smartphone brands of 2014 as as follows:

1. iPhone

Fans of iPhone must very appreciate its speed and fast-thinking system in texting.

2. Samsung Galaxy series

The amazing Samsung Galaxy phablet series offer users a multitasking function and more than 10 hours of battery life span.

3. HTC One

The sexiest Android phone ever on the market. Its high definition display and fast new processor makes users hardly tear themselves with such a good companion!

4. Sony Xperia series

“Quality is king” is the slogan of Sony Xperia series.

5. Nokia Lumia

It might not be the best smartphone ever but it is the best cameraphone ever!

6. Google Nexus

Google Nexus is just horribly smart with its Android system!

7. LG G Series

You will not disappointed by its comfortable handset. It’s the moon on a stick!   Have an opinion? Like us and send us your comments! Be the first to recommend or share this story to yourfriends!


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