Beggars at federal capital and those who are kind to them will be fined

The Federal Territories Ministry stated that beggars and those who are kind to them will be fined to decrease the begging phenomenon and to recover the original image of the federal capital.

The minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said that they would issue the summons for the beggars and those who were kind-hearted to them. Most of the beggars are foreigners and it’s time for them to prevent such happenings by this new legislation.

The decision was made with the authorities of Kuala Lumpur City Hall and others related agencies. Hygiene concerns and homeless people are the core topics in the meeting.

Non-profit organizations are advised to provide food to the homeless at a certain area but are not recommended to distribute the food throughout the areas.
What do you think about the measures the government takes? Is it good for getting rid of the beggars at the federal capital? 
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