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Be aware of changing the colour of Facebook as it is a virus

Recently a scam app states that it can change the colour of Facebook profile page while it is a malware that is intended t damage the systems of your computers or smartphones.

According to Cheetah Mobile Security, more than 10,000 people in the world have been cheated by downloading this malware.

When Facebook users use the malware, they will be sent a viral website asking for watching a tutorial video about how to change the colour of Faceook profile page.

If agree, the hackers will access their Facebook accounts easily and their friends will be spammed too. If disagree to watch the video, the users’ computers will be forced to download a pornography video player and the app will lead smartphone users to download an antivirus app. Both are dangerous because they are infected with viruses.

You can avoid of it by removing the colour changer app from Gacebook app settings page or changing your passwords on Facebook.

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