ASL Father Walks His Daughter Down The Aisle On Wedding Ceremony

The father of the bride, Augie Nieto was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) when his daughter Lindsay Nieto was 15 years old. Ten years later, 56-year-old father walked with his daughter down the aisle on her wedding ceremony. 

Lindsay has accepted the fact that her father was unable to move and walk properly.

But what a touching scene! On her wedding day, the father walked down every single step carefully with his daughter.

In the video, you may see a person grabbing the father’s legs to not to make him fall down and keep him walking safely.

Augie accompanied Lindsay walking down the aisle while he was applying an aluminium scaffolding to keep him standing upright.

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Watch video: Wedding Miracle: Dad with ALS Walks Daughter Down the Aisle

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