9 Overwhelmingly impressive sceneries on Earth

We have recommended some wonderful landscapes and travelling sites before. But today you are going to explore more overwhelmingly impressive sceneries on our Mother Earth.

Sometimes, slow down your paces in life and turn around, you would discover our lives and these natural scenes are extremely amazing! Here we recommend you 9 worth-to-visit sites on our mother land. Absolutely, you would say “I really want to have a long vacation now!” after reading this article.

Enjoy reading and immersing!

Rank #9 River Uvac, Serbia


Unusual shapes you have ever seen! It looks like a visualized and edited picture which can only be seen in the movie scenes. What can I say? Hmmmm…. Magnificent!

Rank #8 Morondava, Madagascar


Morondava is a capital city of the Menabe Region, Madagascar. The city is situated in the delta of Morondava River, and it is most famous for the striking Avenue of Baobaba. The trees are an 800 years heritage of the dense tropical forests that had once grown here.

Rank #7 Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine


This incredible train tunnel is made of tress and is located in the Klevan, Ukraine. The train occasionally rides through, that’s why many people find it interesting and supremely romantic to take a stroll here. A lots of couples snap their wedding photos here, too.

#6 Tanner Trail in Grand Canyon Nat


In the famous Grand Canyon there is a hiking trail named Tanner Trail, and it is one of the most popular hiking trails around the world. Its fame mainly comes from its length, difficulty level, remoteness, and of course absolutely amazing landscapes.

Rank #5 Burtange, Holland


Burtange is a village located in Groningen, Holland. Its attractive shape and historically significant castle in the middle of the village are reasons for the visitors from all over the word.

Rank #4 Yellowstone National Park


This is Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. The is the largest hot spring in the United States, and the third largest in the world. The colours are so fake! 

Rank #3 Morning at the Og Lake


Does this scene look like the mountains and the trails that the fellowship of the king in the movie “The Lord of The Ring?”

Rank #2 Amazing Chinese Landscape


This is neither a picture drawn by an artist nor a scene appeared in the movies. This is a truly natural view in China!

#1 Church of the Good Shepherd


Established in 1935 as the place of worship for local families. It is located on the shores of Lake Tekapo in New Zeeland. This breathtaking photo was taken by a photographer Bhuminan Piyathasanan.

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