80 corpses fewer than assured by rebels

Netherlands officials said that there were only 80 corpses fewer than assured by the rebels.

The spokesman of the Security and Coooperation in Europe (OSCE) Michael Bociurkiw said that there were human remains which had not been collected.

He added that they did not investigate any recovery activity on the spot. The observers from OSCE saw the human remains in two areas at the crash site at least.

On Monday Pro-Russian insurgents announced that the 282 bodies which were sent by refrigerated train to Kharkiv.

And now Dutch experts said they only had 200 in hands.

The head of the Dutch delegation said that they were very sure that they were having 200 human remains.

Flight MH17 was apparently brought down by a missile on Thursday with 298 people on board, including 193 Dutch citizens.

There were 298 people on board flight MH17, Dutch citizens were the majority,

Five days after the crashed plane incident, OSCE officials stated that they noticed the changes in the remains arrangement.

Bociurkiw said that they observed the changes at the crash site and the main body of the aircraft was also moved. The cone is divided into two and the tail fin has been demolished.

Western authority have complained about the rebels that the crucial evidence on the spot have been distorted.

There were 15 investigators from the European security officials visited the crash site on the fifth day after the incident, along with the first time by a senior official from Malaysia Airlines and 2 Malaysia civil aviation specialists.

There were no security in the surrounding. And there were lots of personal belongings of the passengers have been removed too.

He stated that the Malaysian experts noticed that the heat from the collision was very strong. The aluminium wings were melted.

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