10 things you must know if you are not soccer fans

You are not a soccer fan? But you want to know more details about World Cup? AHA!!! Here we have 10 important things to share with you! If you do not know such things, and this article is FOR YOU!

1. World Cup is the peak of the soccer!


There are many soccer players joining the country-specific leagues. BUT, only ELITE and QUALIFIED players will be chosen to represent their nations in FIFA World Cup! FIFA means Fédération Internationale de Football Association. It holds every four years. You have to understand one thing: “If you are the chosen one, you will be very proud of yourself and so your nation does. Why? Because it’s a very rare opportunity for you for a lifetime!”

2. Word Cup is a multi-nation tournament!


There are 32 nation teams which are divided into 8 groups. Each team will battle over three other teams. It’s a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for players to learn from others team in the game!

3. The US team is in death.


Compare to others team, the US team has never been in the power of the world. In the past few decades, this team has not been making any process.

US fans may have no confidence in the forthcoming of World Cup. The schedule tells that the US team is in Group G and Ghana, which will be the US nation team’s first opponent. Yet, there are Germany and Portugal, and Cristiano Ronaldo are treated as the best player in the world.

4. Brazil and Spain are people’s favourite!


Spanish nation team won the championship in 2010 World Cup, and also Euro Cup in 2008 and 2012 respectively. The team players are very experienced and have a surprising strategy on the field.

 Another competitor is Brazil and it is third-ranked team now. They maintain a very good standard in controlling ball and won 6 trophies of World Cup in the past. So, how can you not love them?!

5.Soccer is complicated game.


To me, I am not a soccer fan but a loyal fan to certain players. Well, I actually do not quite understand the rules of the game. What I only know is that my beloved team gets 1 point shown on the scorecard, I will be over the moon! You need not to understand much about the game, it’s just complex. All you need to is to feel the wonderful moment when the player kicks the ball into the goal, that’s PERFECT!

6. Lots of Brazilians are protesting World Cup.


Brazilians love SOCCER while Brazil government spend around $14 billions for preparing this coming World Cup. Indeed, there are 16 percent of poor in the country and that’s why many people are getting involved in the demonstrations. Due to safety, security forces and police are highly alerted to ensure that safety must come first in the World Cup.

7. Matches are held thousand miles apart.


You may imagine the size of a stadium for the match BUT you can’t imagine the point that there are 12 stadiums built widely across Brazil.

8. Team players are banned to have sex during the matches.


A weird thing you should know is some coaches has given the orders of having no sex lives during the match. Excessive sex lives will impact one’s performance on the field.

9. Million dollars are projected.


FIFA gives out $4 billion in the project of World Cup. So you can imagine, bidding to host the Word Cup is not a matter BUT spending money is a BIG DEAL!!!

10. You may watch the game on ESPN, ABC or others cable TV channels.


Whenever and wherever, you may watch the matches punctually through ESPN, ABC and others cable TV channels. You may watch ESPN official website or download app to enjoy the game!


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